Saturday, August 8, 2009

Master Mikaya Members will be officially open for registration

Thinking of join us? It is a fully concept by pledging a small amount of money as you trust our team and this will also part of to support our whole committe team to grow. It is a concept of by members to members concept.

We are team up as committed to invest our time in here as we do have the same interest. However we are looking some individual who have the same vision, mission and goal. We will share it together.

If anyone come here and think that we want to scam their RM50 i would seriously suggest if you agree then join us and we are not forcing. But as far as we know there is a lot of others had plan to defame our good name.

We are open and welcome everyone to join us. Of course again i would like to stress here. You are welcome if you are gentleman. :) If you are a man by its name but the characteristic is like wearing a skirt i think this is a resources that suits you.:) So you may have just neglect this and leave.

We want a 100% a members with attitude. From time being we will open for 3,000 members throughout Malaysia. Basically it will be a first come first basis.

From this coming wednesday 12 August 2009 onwards all tips and clue will be for registered members. will be still active for some important announcement. However,hot tips and other activity such as crowdbetting will only for registered members.

Joining Fee: RM50 One time registration for whole life.

Monthly Fee of RM 23 per month. ( Maintenance for server,utilities bills, as well as salary for admin)

For those who agree with master mikaya's idea about RM500 which will straight away channel to some of our potential project. Which is a separate entity between 4D as well as business. :) In business group we intend to make thing happen. The power of every individuals combined. We will involving with different sectors and industries.

May this concept will bring all of us harmony and united. We are going to build a fundamental and solid base of business activities which will involving in trading, manufacturing, services as well as grower.

We are going to register another company which will just cater for business purposes.
1 lot = RM500. We are consider ourself as idea bank. We are not a bank interm of finance but an idea. Idea which make huge money.

For participants that interested to join us in business unit please be patience.

Any enquiries, please do contact 014 269 0091.

Corporation and Bank account numbers will be posted here Tomorrow afternoon.after bank in. Please notify us with your registration id.We then only will approve it.

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